CBX Software Becomes First Supply Chain Management Company to Develop an Interface with amfori Databases

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The innovative interface will save retailers time by expediting the cross referencing of amfori BSCI statuses and expiration dates.

 CBX Software, the world's leading retail supply chain management software provider from concept to delivery, has officially become the first supplier management software company to develop the database interface with amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. The interface is projected to offer key opportunities for retailers operating in the European Union that are looking for agile supply chain software, digital transformation, and "sustainable sourcing."

Today, the majority of European retailers only work with amfori BSCI compliant suppliers. This poses a challenge for many suppliers, as achieving compliant status can be quite expensive for a factory, not to mention the extended periods of time that are required to reach the amfori BSCI level. amfori BSCI certifications are issued by most testing, inspection, and certification companies (TICs). TICs audit according to amfori BSCI standards and evaluate factories on a pass/fail basis.

amfori's latest cloud database, released in Q2 2020, includes all of the certification audits in one more simplified place for retail members to search and view. With CBX Software's integrated interface, retailers can quickly cross-check amfori's BSCI master database against the CBX factory database.

Retailers can also view factory amfori BSCI statuses and expiration dates within the CBX Cloud PLM. This can be a major time-saver when managing hundreds of suppliers, as retailers will no longer have to cross-reference assets from a separate database.

"CBX is bringing an element of automation that will save retailers from countless hours of manual data entry," said Tim Chiu, Senior Vice President of CBX Software.

"Any retailer that is a member of amfori can enter a factory record in CBX with an Amfori ID, and CBX will automatically sync with amfori to download the factory profile. This profile will contain the amfori BSCI status and expiration date. A report is then generated by the platform, allowing the user to easily view which supplier is about to expire. They can then follow-up or blacklist the supplier until they update their amfori BSCI status. All in all, the process is efficient, seamless, and a great tool for retailers looking to save time and progress in their digital automation journey."

Retailers using CBX Cloud can adhere to their corporate and social responsibilities and ensure that their suppliers follow their specific code of conduct. The platform also supports supplier/factory sustainability, which is very important to retailers when determining who will produce their branded products.

CBX Cloud can also generate alerts when a factory has an expired amfori BSCI audit. The platform will alert users in CBX Cloud of the factory status the moment a certification expires. In terms of digital transformation for retailers, this system is a game-changer for the industry.

To learn more about CBX Software's interface with Amfori Database, please visit www.cbxsoftware.com.

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CBX Software is the world's leading Total Sourcing Management solution provider from concept to delivery - combining people, processes and solutions. CBX helps retailers and brands streamline product development and sourcing all the way through order, production and delivery. Through innovative Sourcing Management, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), and Production & Order Management technology solutions, CBX empowers the supply chain network by driving collaboration to over 15,000 retail & supplier partners, and 30,000 users in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit www.cbxsoftware.com.

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