CBX Software Selected by Pets at Home for Supplier Management and Product Sourcing

​​United Kingdom’s largest pet care business, Pets At Home Group, has selected CBX Software’s Supplier Management and Sourcing solution. CBX Software provides the most innovative enterprise solutions to private label general merchandise, furniture, pet, fashion and value brand retailers. Retailers and Brands with large private label operations use CBX to achieve their strategic product development, sourcing, supply chain automation and digital transformation goals.

Pets At Home already does a great job managing thousands of products, but will now be able to scale their existing own brand product lines by improving their product offering, thanks to the CBX Cloud platform.

Founded in 1991, Pets at Home is the UK’s leading pet care business, providing pet owners with everything they need to be able to look after their pet – from food, toys and bedding, and grooming services, all the way through to first opinion veterinary care and world-class specialist veterinary hospitals.

Pets At Home works with over 250 suppliers, aiming to provide carefully designed product ranges to keep pets happy, healthy and safe while fulfilling one of its core values “Pets Before Profit”.

Pets At Home continues to grow and manage a growing global supplier base. “Choosing an innovative and forward-looking supplier management and sourcing solution was a necessary step in the company’s evolution,” says Chris Smith, General Manager of Pets At Home Asia Ltd.

“Our supplier management operations are quite manual. Much of our supplier, product and supply chain information is managed in spreadsheets. Managing these spreadsheets in a global value chain is necessary, but onerous. If not done consistently and diligently, errors that arise can compound and take valuable time and effort to trace and fix. So we wanted a supplier management solution that could reliably and efficiently manage information and communications; internally between geographically dispersed colleagues, and externally with our network of global suppliers and 3rd parties. We also wanted to achieve better efficiency by redesigning and systemizing certain operations and creating scalable processes for the future. Ultimately the goal is to give our colleagues tools that they can trust, and liberate them from task, so that they can focus on creating value for customers and capturing value for our business.”

“We evaluated a number of supplier management technology solutions. The CBX Cloud Platform ranked highest among a number of the key criteria that we were selecting for. We know that a well-designed interface, flexibility and clear logic will be critical for colleague adoption and engagement so these were important considerations for us.”

As Ken Yau, Systems Project Manager of Pets at Home notes, “We are expecting our processes to become more relevant, transparent and fast. We hope to have a scalable supplier management platform and form stronger connections in our sourcing network through the CBX integrated supplier scorecard and supplier KPI tracking tools. We will also have increased visibility of: orders, changes and variances, production, inline inspections, final inspections and onward through to shipment/delivery. CBX Software is essential to support our strategy of significantly improving operational efficiency and effectiveness so that more of our resource can be focused on our customers.”

“We are very happy to announce that Pets At Home has found their perfect fit with CBX Cloud Platform,” says Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. Supplier compliance, order follow-up and on-time-in-full deliveries are all key factors in today’s retail landscape. Utilizing the CBX platform, key supplier and critical path updates are available much earlier in the process. One version of the truth flows electronically through all necessary departments, leaving Pets At Home with reduced data entry and no redundancy which ultimately ensures supplier improvement.”

For more information on CBX Software, visit www.cbxsoftware.com or to schedule a demo please visit, www.cbxsoftware/request-demo.

About Pets At Home Group

Pets at Home is the UK’s leading national specialist retailer of pet food, pet-related products and pet accessories. Pets at Home also operates the UK’s second largest small animal veterinary business by a combined number of surgeries both in its stores and at standalone sites and is the largest joint venture operator in the market. Pets at Home is also the leading operator by number of salons of pet grooming services offered through Pets at Home’s in store salons.

About CBX Software

CBX Software is the world’s leading Total Sourcing Management solution provider from concept to delivery – combining people, processes and solutions. CBX helps retailers and brands streamline product development and sourcing all the way through order, production and delivery. Through innovative Sourcing Management, Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), and Production & Order Management technology solutions, CBX empowers the supply chain network by driving collaboration to over 15,000 retail & supplier partners, and 30,000 users in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit www.cbxsoftware.com.

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