The TradeBeyond App Keeps Businesses Running, Connecting Suppliers and Retailers Remotely

TradeBeyond has built an exclusive community of brands, retailers, and suppliers to streamline retail product development

​​​​​​​The TradeBeyond App is helping to connect retailers and suppliers remotely, reducing the need for in-person buying trips, showroom visits and trade shows. Home to thousands of verified suppliers, TradeBeyond has cultivated a vast network that’s connecting them with the retailers looking to streamline their collection process and bring new, exciting products to market faster. The app is helping businesses adapt to the current work landscape and keeps them running during this critical time where remote work is becoming a part of daily life.

"With the current situation that the world is coping with, company travel bans and work from home directives, retailers all around the globe need to look for new methods to effectively manage product development and keep the commercial process flowing. Retailers and their suppliers, now more than ever, need to collaborate together remotely and eliminate the need for extensive travel, limit emails and streamline the range planning process, helping us not only work faster but also work smarter," said Nikolaus Eberhardt, Director Organization & Process Management for Wünsche Group.

Retail Buyers, merchandisers, category managers and sourcing teams benefit through the central platform, which allows them to browse a pre-screened network of suppliers, independently verified by the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification companies. Enhanced search and automation powered by AI enables retailers to act with greater confidence with the ability to search based on location, product category, supplier certifications, and specific brand licenses.

For suppliers, TradeBeyond helps sell more products faster, enabling them to showcase their latest products to the largest global retailers, expand their brand portfolio, and earn more business. Through the app, sellers can manage their entire product portfolio and showcase their innovations, creating more opportunities to get discovered and develop new relationships with retail partners.

With TradeBeyond, both buyers and sellers can join for free and gain the ability to scale faster by reducing reliance on thousands of spreadsheets, doing away with the hindrance of duplicate data entries, and simplifying hundreds of back and forth emails. Communication is seamless, taking place in real-time within the app. The centralized platform improves workflow processes, enabling easier and more efficient management of larger volumes of orders. Increased margins through better pricing are helping generate higher net profits.

"The TradeBeyond app is transforming the way to create, share, and collaborate while gaining inspiration and sourcing products from anywhere, anytime. Consumers are demanding new, high-quality products and faster time to market. TradeBeyond paves the way for innovative product development across complicated supply chains with virtual and digital tools for global retail and supplier communities," said Michael Hung, CBX Software CEO.

TradeBeyond delivers innovation to the palm of your hand. From any location, buyers and sellers can create, share, collaborate, and source merchandise.

Mark Hudson, Vice President Global Marketing/Communications

Source: TradeBeyond


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