Retail Sourcing Application TradeBeyond Now Available on Microsoft AppSource

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The sourcing management tool allows for better collaboration and communication between retailers, suppliers and brands.

CBX Software, a SaaS provider of retail technology solutions, announced the availability of TradeBeyond's Retail Sourcing App on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

TradeBeyond is a retail sourcing solution that allows for better collaboration and communication between retailers, suppliers and brands. It works seamlessly with Microsoft AppSource, which allows customers to discover, try, buy and release business software and services. This enables retailers to test features of the app and purchase it for future sourcing success.

TradeBeyond's centralized product development platform allows stakeholders to streamline the assortment, planning, sourcing, quotations and buying process all within the app. This cohesive communication and collaboration sparks innovation and brings products to market faster. TradeBeyond also allows suppliers, brands, factories and retailers to leverage digital showrooms to introduce, source and match products to their retail needs. 

With TradeBeyond, retailers can collaborate with their suppliers more effectively, because they can manage all product requests, RFIs and RFQs in one application. TradeBeyond features a pre-approved third-party verification process for suppliers to become a TradeBeyond member.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft AppSource, because the platform allows businesses to discover and experiment with the TradeBeyond app. AppSource gives TradeBeyond the ability to be seen as a platform that can be the solution for many retailers, because of its power to provide convenience to businesses," said Michael Hung, CBX's Chief Executive Officer. "We have been extremely satisfied with Microsoft services such as Microsoft Azure, Azure storage and Power BI, which is why we have chosen to collaborate with Microsoft AppSource." 

"We are happy to welcome TradeBeyond to Microsoft AppSource, which gives our customers access to the best solutions available from our extensive partner ecosystem. Microsoft AppSource offers partner solutions such as TradeBeyond's Retail Sourcing App to help customers meet their needs faster," said Toby Bowers, General Manager of Business Applications Group for Microsoft Corp.

Learn more about Trade Beyond at its page on Microsoft AppSource — TradeBeyond.

About TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond allows retailers, brands, suppliers and factories to introduce, source and match products with retail mood boards, ranges, and themes, in a digital showroom. TradeBeyond is home to thousands of validated suppliers and is designed to extend innovation, source and bring products to market faster. TradeBeyond is the ultimate sourcing app that not only makes connections but provides an entire industry the tools to win. For more information visit

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