TradeBeyond Eliminates the Chaos From Sourcing Management Tools

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TradeBeyond is helping store brand retailers collaborate with suppliers to organize long-range planning in the midst of limited travel, trade shows, and buying trips.

CBX Software adds multiple tier-one retailers to their TradeBeyond product discovery and sourcing interface. TradeBeyond is the world's leading app for retailers to streamline store brand product discovery, sourcing and collaboration together with their trusted suppliers by leveraging its centralized product development platform. TradeBeyond also enhances internal and external communications for suppliers and retailers, helping both parties effectively scale their businesses.  

With COVID-19 and the Delta variant still causing havoc on trade shows, industry events and travel, it has become difficult for retailers to connect with suppliers and expand their store brand product lines. TradeBeyond helps retailers connect directly with factories during these periods of limited face-to-face interaction. By bringing store brand retailers closer with their trusted suppliers for product discovery, product showcases and innovation sessions, both parties can collaborate to implement strategies to increase overall sales.

Streamlined sourcing file management, instant messaging, makes TradeBeyond a one-stop-shop for internal teams to collaborate and curate ranges while partnering with pre-selected suppliers are all features included on the category management platform. The platform effectively reduces the clutter and chaos that comes with typical retailer/supplier collaborations, such as the overwhelming number of emails, attachments, spreadsheets, large image files, texts, phone calls, WhatsApp messages and shared drives. All communication is hosted on a single secure and centralized location, updated in real-time.

TradeBeyond provides retailers with the ability to browse all of their supplier partners' products, as well as securely add and share mood boards, images, color schemes and swatches to collections. This allows retailers to easily collaborate with supplier partners on product discovery and collection planning. Through the platform, retailers can invite suppliers to share products that match the collection theme. Suppliers can update digital catalogs for browsing retail buyers, receive requests for quotes and respond to retailer product requests instantly.  

"TradeBeyond's goal is to innovate and revolutionize the retail-supplier partnership through a secure, centralized location,'' said Michael Hung, CEO of CBX Software. "COVID-19 and the Delta variant are still present, and we, as an industry, need a way to connect retailers to suppliers to browse and find new innovative products."

TradeBeyond is an exclusive community of retailers, suppliers and brands coming together to streamline long range planning, sourcing, quotations, and buying. TradeBeyond is not a marketplace — it is a network and a software used by retailers to discover new exclusive products and by suppliers to get discovered and earn more business.

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About TradeBeyond

TradeBeyond allows retailers, brands, suppliers and factories to introduce, source and match products with retail mood boards, ranges, and themes, in a digital showroom. TradeBeyond is home to thousands of validated suppliers and is designed to extend innovation, source and bring products to market faster. TradeBeyond is the ultimate sourcing app that not only makes connections but provides an entire industry the tools to win. For more information visit

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